Book Scanning

Converting your books or yearbook collection into a searchable digital archive preserves your books, allows you to make your collection more accessible, and frees up tons of storage space.

Digitizing your bound books or yearbooks is a simple and convenient way to protect them. Books are subject to loss, wear, theft, damage, vandalism, and misfiling. Books don’t last forever, and their lifespan is considerably shorter if they are handled regularly. Preserving your books and yearbooks is especially important if those books will not be printed again. Out-of-print books can be impossible to replace. Converting to a digital archive from ADM is an affordable way to preserve your books while still making them accessible, and we make it easy with worry-free turnkey solutions. We scan books of all sizes, regardless of content. Contact us today to see how we can help you preserve your book collection and the precious history it contains.

ADM Digital Archiving

AMERICAN DIGITAL MEMORIES is dedicated to protecting your history. We offer affordable preservation packages that include a remarkable number of features. Other companies charge double their rates or even more to perform the array of additional services that we include absolutely free when we scan your bound books and yearbooks. We provide so many extras at no charge because we want to do more than just keep your costs low. We want to transform your collection into an easy-to-use, high-quality digital library that will last forever. A digital archive from AMERICAN DIGITAL MEMORIES is a wonderful way to make your books and yearbooks accessible without compromising the integrity of your collection. See below all the features included with our basic digitization service.

American Digital Memories offers free two-way shipping with every project. We cover the cost of shipping your books to and from our digitization facility, and we ship your digital product to you free as well. We send you the shipping labels, and we arrange for FedEx to pick up your books at a time that is convenient for you. We also provide detailed packing and shipping instructions to ensure that your books arrive safely with no damage.

We digitize books of any size or age. Our overhead imaging system has stationary scanning beds that capture professional grade images without damaging your books. Preserving your original books is important to us, and we take the utmost care to digitize your collection in a manner that does not damage the spines or pages.

American Digital Memories beautifully renders your books in full color. Our basic pricing covers scanning your books at a publisher-quality resolution of 300dpi.

 American Digital Memories employs a rigorous quality assurance protocol to ensure that every page scans properly and that your images are as clear as the original. We split dual-page images into individual pages for accurate numbering and indexing. We also rotate every image to an upright position. Believe it or not, many companies charge extra even for this simple service. We adjust the skew of the images so they are straight for quality presentation. We include these services at no cost to you because quality is as important to us as preservation.

Our standard optimization service enhances the viewing quality of your images. We check the focus, brightness, color, and contrast of every image and adjust them as necessary to ensure your images are clear, crisp, and sharp. We go to great lengths to ensure your digital books are as clear as the original. This is just another service that American Digital Memories includes at no cost.

Navigating your digital collection is quick and simple. We include our standard indexing services at no cost. We sort, label, and name every book for easy browsing, and we number every page for your convenience. With our turnkey service, there is no need to presort. American Digital Memories does the work for you at no extra charge.

American Digital Memories will provide a storage medium for your searchable PDFs at no cost to you. We burn your searchable PDFs to DVDs labeled for your convenience. Most companies charge by the DVD for storage, but we include them absolutely free. For qualifying customers with large collections, we will upgrade you to a portable 1 terabyte hard drive at no extra cost.

We find that some of our customers don’t want their original books or yearbooks back after we digitize them. We are happy to return your books to you with free shipping, but if you no longer want your books, American Digital Memories will dispose of them for you. Free shipping or free disposal. Whichever option you choose, we’ll cover the cost.

Even with all of these features added, our per image digitization rate is still lower than many of our competitors charge just for simple scanning. AMERICAN DIGITAL MEMORIES has the resources to craft quality digital products at prices other companies just can’t touch. When you weigh in all of the features we include absolutely free, there is simply no competition. And, of course, it all comes with our amazing customer service.