Frequently Asked Questions

American Digital Memories is proud to be an American Company. Our premier digitization facility is located just south of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Because customer service is so important to us, we never outsource it to anyone else. When you contact American Digital Memories, your call or email will always be answered by someone right here at the company.

No, American Digital Memories does not sell or share your documents or information with any other parties.  We use local off-line storage so that your information and materials can never be accessed by anyone other than ADM.

We retain the digital images of your materials for 60 days after your job is completed so that we can quickly address any problems you may have with your finished product upon receiving it.  After that 60 day period, all copies of your materials are permanently deleted.

Yes!  Not only do we send your digital images to you in a standard graphic format chosen by you, we also send your images in a PDF format that is fully searchable at no extra charge.  This is only one of many services American Digital Memories provides at no cost to you.  Many companies charge double their rates or even more to make your product searchable and still do not provide many of the features that we include absolutely free.

In most cases you can expect to receive both your finished product and your original property back from American Digital Memories in no more than 60-90 days.  Many projects are completed much faster.  Exceptionally large projects can take longer, but few collections fall into this category.

We use common file formats in our products.  We typically store your images in either TIFF or JPEG format, both of which are compatible with standard picture viewers and should open easily on most computers.  You may also receive your images in a searchable PDF format (unless otherwise requested).  If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download Acrobat Reader for free from the publisher at

No problem.  We are happy to dispose your newspapers at no cost to you.  We simply need your authorization to do so.

Yes!  We can accommodate items of most any size.  Our non-destructive overhead scanners can capture up to 17 x 24 inches in a single scan.  Larger items can be scanned in sections and seamlessly merged into a single digital image.

We scan in a 400dpi TIFF format that does meet the standards of the National Digital Newspaper Program.  While NDNP uses a PDF/A file format, we typically save your searchable images in PDF/X instead.  Although you will not be able to make changes on any DVDs we provide, the PDF/X format will allow you to copy your images and make changes to those copies if you wish.

American Digital Memories wants the product we provide to belong to you.  As such, we pride ourselves in giving you the freedom to copy, edit, post, and otherwise use your images as you see fit.  ADM is a service-oriented company and will, upon request, save your images as PDF/A if you so desire.  However, you should be aware that doing so will lock your files so that you will not be able to make copies or changes.

No, our overhead scanners are non-destructive.  We are able to scan bound newspapers, and we take great care with the spines of the books when doing so.  If you wish to leave your newspapers bound, there are two things you should consider: 1) it is much more difficult to get a clean scan with no distortion from bound newspapers, so it is possible that the quality of your images may suffer as a result; 2) It is much more labor intensive to get a clean scan from a bound newspaper than to unbind them, and the extra work involved is reflected in the cost of the project.  Because of these considerations, we always prefer to unbind them whenever possible.

            When it comes to affordability, we consider ourselves the standard-bearer in the industry.  We always tailor each job to the individual customer, so costs vary according to the nature of the project and the options you select.  Aside from our competitive pricing, we provide many free services and features that cost extra with most companies.  When shopping around for quotes, be sure to ask our competitors how much extra they charge for each of the following features that we offer at no cost when you purchase digitization services in a standard graphic format:
1.) Free two-way shipping (covers both your property and our final product)
2.) Free post-production services* (includes rotating images, cropping, adjusting skew, etc.)
3.) Free optimization* (we optimize every image for brightness, color, and contrast)
4.) Free indexing* (your images sorted and labeled)
5.) Free searchable PDFs (our optical character recognition makes your images fully searchable)
6.) Free handling (we don’t believe in handling charges)
7.) Free external one-terabyte hard drive (for qualifying customers)

*standard services only; special options may cost extra