Customer Testimonials

AMERICAN DIGITAL MEMORIES is committed to offering incredible quality with amazing customer service. That commitment has been rewarded with a stellar customer satisfaction rating. We are proud of the tremendous impact our services have had on our clients and their patrons. Here is what some of our customers have to say about their ADM experience.

“On the very day I received the digitized hard drive in the mail, there was a message in my email from a former 1975 AFS student from Turkey. He had written 7+ articles for the Gridley News in 1975 and wondered if I could locate and send them to him. Normally I would have cringed because of the time it would have taken. But, instead I plugged in the hard drive, put his name in, and there were his articles! I knew then it was worth the investment.”

-Linda Zimmerman, Director, Gridley Public Library

“Our newspapers on microfilm have always been popular, but more patrons are accessing the digitized materials – especially now that they are easier to search, print from, and use. With our digitized product, it is nice to know that the newspapers in our collection will degrade no further. And, now that the microfilm storage space and reader are gone, we have more space to expand in our renovation. I must admit that sending away our microfilm carried a bit of anxiety with it. But as it turned out, we worried needlessly because AMERICAN DIGITAL MEMORIES took great care with our property and did a wonderful job in all respects. In fact, the digitization process was smooth and exciting as we saw our crumbling microfilm replaced with beautifully enhanced digitization. ADM was willing to digitize our microfilm in phases and at a great price, allowing us to get the work done in the shortest amount of time. ADM kept in constant contact with us as our property was shipped, received, and returned. At ADM, every person that I spoke with was both supportive and professional. Overall, we’re so glad that we chose AMERICAN DIGITAL MEMORIES to handle our digitization needs.”

-Diane Sebastian, Director, The Dover Free Public Library

“This has been a tremendous help to us in our ability to provide our community and beyond with yet another means of access to our city’s rich and interesting history. We are grateful for ADM and their service to our Library!”

-Harriet Schultz, Director, Jennings-Carnegie Public Library

“Today people need digital resources and internet access. They need to download, to upload, to connect, to meet up. We will help them do that. Digitizing a portion of our local historical collection and making it accessible is one of the ways we’ve continued to improve and help our community.”

-Ingrid Norris, Director, Lake County Public Library System

“We cannot over-emphasize the importance of digitizing our collection. Digitization allows us to safeguard our collection for the future while providing the widest public access possible… We are extremely happy with the final product and cost for our digital projects. The company is easy to work with and very responsive to our needs.”

-Rickie Good, Curator of Collections, Camden Archives and Museum

“Being a small library with limited time to research and being able to search by name or keyword is amazing! It saves so much time. Previously, doing a search could take days if I was looking through a year’s worth of microfilm. Now it takes under an hour.”

-Sandy Thaxton, Head of Reference Librarian, Hardin County District Library